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Patagonia Women's Reversible Telu Bottoms

Style No. 72180
Designed for our female surf ambassadors, these low-rise, minimal coverage bikini swimsuit bottoms are reversible and have ruching at the center back; made of a soft and durable recycled nylon/spandex blend.

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Product Information
The surf-loving Telus are reversible, low-rise, minimal-coverage swimsuit bottoms that fit straight across the hips. Ruching detail at center back. Soft and durable all-recycled 83% nylon/17% spandex swim fabric blend.


  • Soft and durable all-recycled nylon/spandex blend
  • These reversible, low-rise swimsuit bottoms fit straight across the hips
  • Ruching detail at center back
  • 5.4-oz 83% all-recycled nylon/17% spandex. Lining: 4-oz 88% nylon/12% spandex jersey
  • 48 g (1.7 oz)
  • Made in Colombia.


Recycled Nylon
This garment is made with recycled nylon derived from post-industrial fiber and yarn waste. Virgin nylon is made from crude oil.
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Patagonia Women's Reversible Telu Bottoms
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