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Patagonia Fly Fishing Ambassador Cecilia “Pudge” Kleinkauf
... ever actually “grow up.” As a fulltime Mississippi Delta guide, the impact of Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill left him more committed than ...
Patagonia Field Report: Potty Talk by Fitz Cahall, Rock Climbing
... I’m not sitting on the can with my pants wrapped around my ankles. My roommates are beginning to...well-loved collection. Page 267 of the Red Rocks guide ...
Patagonia Field Report: Crux Questions: Notes From An Alpine Field Tester
... increases weight and adds bulk under a harness. When it comes to our Guide Pants, I don’t care how they look – I need them to breathe, shed moisture, ...
Fly Fishing Ambassador Dave McCoy
... . He’s the founder of Emerald Water Anglers, a fly fishing guide service and a stalwart advocate for regional and national fish conservation efforts ...
Patagonia Field Report: Bread Crumbs in the Dark
We were already climbing in our down jackets and softshell pants; we had nothing warmer left in our packs. The pitch above us rippled without a clear line ...