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Patagonia Field Report: Spoonsful of Limestone by Zoe J. Hart - rock climbing in Italy
... Get your chalk bag, your rock shoes, your harness, flip-flops, sunglasses and sun cream. Limestone, the Mediterranean, coffee, gelato, red wine: We’re going ...
Patagonia Trail Running Ambassador Jeff Browning
A self-proclaimed “gear geek,” Jeff will cut his shoes apart and modify his shorts in an effort to test out new ideas. In addition to running in ...
Patagonia - Field Report: Chasing Winter by Traci Joan Macnamara, Antarctica
After I’ve clawed my way back to the top of the hill, shoes slipping with every step, I meet my just reward. Tonight, from the highest point on the road, I ...
Patagonia Trail Running Ambassador Jenn Shelton
... experience of picking up the pace. She currently lives in a poorly insulated house with piles of old running shoes ...
Patagonia Outlet Reno - 8550 White Fir St. Reno, Nevada 89523 (775) 746-6878
... consignment area for backcountry skis, boots, packs, tents, climbing shoes and snowshoes.Patagonia Outlet Reno - 8550 White Fir St. Reno, Nevada 89523 (775 ...
Patagonia Field Report: Alpine Umbrella
... moves I’d aided, because it was too cold to put on climbing shoes, how Mikey defied death in an icy offwidth, and Dana led endless pitches of né ...
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