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W's Nano Puff® Jacket

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W's Nano Puff® Jacket

W's Nano Puff® Vest

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W's Nano Puff® Vest

W's Nano Puff® Hoody

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W's Nano Puff® Hoody

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W's Nano Puff® Pullover

Patagonia Alpine Climbing Ambassador Steve House
... on the North Face of Mount Alberta, Canada Steve's Favorites M's Nano Puff® Hoody $249.00 DAS Pants $249.00 M's Knifeblade Pants $299.00 Latest from Steve ...
Patagonia Environmentalism Essay: Your Choices- by Amory B. Lovins
... ." If you want to stick to something smooth, emulate gecko feet (nano-scale hairs on their feet allow them to cling to smooth surfaces). If you want to glue ...
Patagonia Team and Event Sales - General Sports Teams
... R1® Pullover#40117 M's Adze Jacket#83390 W's Adze Jacket#83395 M's Nano Puff® Pullover#84021 W's Nano Puff® Pullover#84026 W's Re-Tool Snap-T® Pullover#25442 ...
Patagonia Field Report: Crux Questions: Notes From An Alpine Field Tester
... climbing pieces – form absolutely follows function. That’s why a Nano Puff® Pullover or an R1® Hoody is what it is – a minimalist climbing piece can’t have ...