For eons, the blood-red sap of Dracaena cinnabari has been used in medicines, dyes and incense, but older still is the practice of swinging from the branches of the dragon’s blood tree. Socotra, Yemen. ANDREW BURR }
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W's Hotline Top
Black (BLK-155)
Painted Plaid: Paintbrush Red (PPP-349)
Tomato (TMT-931)
W's Hotline Top $49 $34
Beanie Hat
Casting Camo: Alpha Green (CCG-587)
Eadan: Thatcher Brown (EDT-934)
Logo Bellway: Purple (LYR-953)
Beanie Hat $35 $24
Flippin' Beanie
Peregrine Peak: Whiskey Plum (PGP-326)
Wapiti: Urbanist Green (WUG-332)
Flippin' Beanie $39 $27
M's Felted Jacket
Rockwall (RKL-759)
Range Stripe: Rockwall (RNR-773)
M's Felted Jacket $249 $174
Canvas Bag
Live Simply Guitar: Natural (LNR-163)
Live Simply Waterfall: Natural (LSWN-338)
Canvas Bag $25 $17
M's Daily Tee
Branch Creek: Raw Linen (BRWL-461)
M's Daily Tee $39 $27
W's Active Cami
Flora Graphic: White (FOI-662)
White (WHI-725)
W's Active Cami $39 $27
Half Mass 15L
Ikat Purple (IKP-802)
Half Mass 15L $99 $69
Flat Top Hat
Hammers: Classic Navy (HNV-308)
Invasives: Ash Tan (IVAT-494)
X-Piton: Black (XPBK-503)
Flat Top Hat $29 $20