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Three manta rays lead Liz Clark and her sailboat, Swell, through a South Pacific atoll pass. JODY MACDONALD

Ten Days in the Tuamotus

Ten Days in the Tuamotus

So often, the best inspiration comes from friends. Not long ago, Kimi Werner and Léa Brassy joined Liz Clark on her sailboat, Swell, for a surfing and spearfishing trip in the warm waters of French Polynesia. Exploring the atolls above and below the surface, they had a chance to share the things that motivate them most—seeking challenge, getting back to basics and staying true to the authentic self.

"I had a 450-mile upwind voyage to meet them, but to be able to introduce Kimi and Léa to the life I live on Swell was really special," Liz recounts. "It was awesome to be with girls so much like myself who love and cherish the same things. We were so happy riding waves, diving and gathering and cooking food together."

Kimi Werner gears up for a dive in Tahiti. Hunting sustainably takes careful preparation and an unwavering respect for the reef environment. JODY MACDONALD

Kimi Werner

As a child growing up on Maui, Kimi Werner’s family was one of the many who looked to the ocean for food. She was taught something Hawaiians have always known: You should never ever take more than you need.

Now a well-known leader in the spearfishing community, she’s become a passionate advocate for a conservation-based approach to the sport.

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Meeting power with power, Big Ben Wilkinson lays it on rail on a big paddle day at Pe’ahi. Maui, Hawai’i. RUSTY RUSSELL

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Léa Brassy heads home after a long session on the North Shore. Oahu, Hawai’i.
Léa Brassy heads home after a long session on the North Shore. O’ahu, Hawai’i. JEFF JOHNSON
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Locked and loaded, Kimi Werner and Léa Brassy hop over the side for a spearfishing session in French Polynesia. JODY MACDONALD