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When the waiting pays off: Dan Ross in deep on the last wave of the day. Northern Europe. AL MACKINNON
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On reclaimed farmland in Guatemala, this hevea plantation is where our new natural rubber wetsuits begin. TIM DAVIS

We grow our own.
(And we don’t cut down rainforests to do it.)

By choosing renewable natural rubber from hevea trees, we’re reducing CO2 emissions by up to ~80% when compared to conventional, nonrenewable neoprene—causing less harm to the planet we love and the oceans that give us waves to ride.

The Yulex emulsion removes over 99% of impurities and delivers a stronger, non-sensitizing natural material. Plant sources are irrigated by ambient rainfall and a recycled water supply is used in manufacturing.

(Left) Rubber tapping is skilled labor that requires a sure and well-trained hand. TIM DAVIS (Right) To protect against infection, a blue fungicide is painted onto recently exposed areas of the trunks. TIM DAVIS

FSC®/Rainforest Alliance Certified
Certified to Forest Stewardship Council standards by the Rainforest Alliance, our natural rubber sources are compliant with strict social and environmental guidelines for responsible forest management.
Belinda Baggs hangs five toes over on an Australian winter morning. JARRAH LYNCH

Ironclad Guarantee
Unique in the surf industry, we stand behind every wetsuit we sell. If it doesn’t perform to your satisfaction, we’ll take it back for replacement, refund or repair.

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