100 Percent For The Planet

100% Today

On Black Friday in 2016, Patagonia donated 100% of sales* to grassroots organizations working to create positive change for the planet in their own backyards. We're determined to use every means at our disposal to defend our world's climate, air, water and soil. In these divisive times, protecting what we all hold in common is more important than ever before.


1% Every Day

Since 1985, we’ve been pledging 1% of all sales to nonprofit environmental groups as a member of 1% for the Planet®. That’s added up to $74 million in cash donations given directly to thousands of organizations working in local communities around the world.
*100% of purchases made in Patagonia® stores and online at patagonia.com and patagoniaprovisions.com

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Patagonia Grassroots Grantees

Because we believe the most direct path to change is through grassroots action and activism, we fund small, community-based nonprofits that rely on citizen support. Use the locator tool to find a group near you, then reach out and get involved.
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100 Percent For The Planet