2019 Best of Climbing
Lessons from Yosemite’s
First Climbing Guidebook
by Timmy O’Neill
Timmy O’Neill and Mikey Schaefer begin their quest to climb all the suggested routes in the original 1964 Yosemite climbing guidebook, sometimes known as “the Red Book.” Read the Story
The Mostly Unknown Next Great Boulders of Northeastern New Mexico by Eric Bissell
Eric Bissell recounts the patchwork history of public lands that transformed the area around a small New Mexico town into a world-class bouldering destination. Read the Story
There Is Only Send or Fail by Alex Lowther
Alex Megos and the advent, the agony and the art of the redpoint. Read the Story
Climbing in Iran by Beth Wald
Finding refuge and crossing thresholds on a climbing trip in Iran. Read the Story
Back on the Wall by Robbie Phillips
On establishing a route in Cochamó Valley that might be too hard—but might not. Read the Story
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