2019 Best of Fly Fishing
Home Pool, Sulphur Creek by Peter Heller
Novelist Peter Heller takes a day to visit an old friend. It’s not until he arrives that he realizes this dear acquaintance is terribly ill. Heller’s old friend is, of course, a trout stream, and its illness causes the writer to ponder his place in the stream’s demise, as well as an equally troubling question: When you lose your trout stream to the climate disaster, where do you go to find yourself? Read the Story
The Best Hatchery is a Healthy River by Dylan Tomine
The vast system of hatcheries and open-water fish farms we’ve built is an expression of our affection for cold-water fish—as food, as recreation, as commercial resource. And yet, despite our best intentions, these human-engineered attempts to make up for resource extraction, development and dam building—to somehow do better than Mother Nature—are backfiring. Read the Story
Free Flowing in Finland by Gregory Fitz
Patagonia fly fishing ambassador Jasper Pääkkönen has had a hectic few months—recent roles on the TV series Vikings and in Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman, as well as work on Lee’s newest project, Da 5 Bloods, and Amazon’s upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower have kept the actor more than busy. But for Pääkkönen, his most important role is that of conservationist. His latest project helped remove three dams on the Hiitolanjoki River, the largest river restoration project in Finland’s history. Read the Story
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