2019 Best of Snow
A Big Win for Jumbo!
The Jumbo Valley will remain wild after the B.C. Court of Appeal decided in August 2019 that Jumbo Glacier Resort’s environmental certificate was no longer valid. The proposed Jumbo Valley resort—within the Purcell Mountains, the sacred area of Qat’muk to the Ktunaxa Nation and an important wildlife corridor for grizzly bears—cannot be built until reassessed. Keep Jumbo Wild
For the Love of Trees by Molly Baker
Treeline, a film by Jordan Manley, follows skiers and snowboarders as they move through three extraordinary forest landscapes across Japan, British Columbia and Nevada, exploring the connection between humans and trees. Read the Story
Seeing a Saved Elwha by Colin Wiseman
In June 2018, Colin Wiseman, Marie-France Roy and Kael Martin went on a week-long splitboard trip through the untouched wilderness of Olympic National Park. For 60-plus miles through the deepest reaches of the park via foot and splitboard, they’d see the Elwha River firsthand just four years after the largest dam removal project in global history, and one of the few truly wild spaces still left in the Pacific Northwest. Read the Story
The Summit Which Never Melts by Len Necefer
Len Necefer discusses the impacts of climate change, increasing pressures on water in the West, the outdoor recreation industry, indigenous people, conflicting management priorities and cultural rights through a trip up Dookʼoʼoosłííd in Arizona. Read the Story
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