2019 Best of Surfing
Kohl at Pipe
“Sean Lopez and I were scratching to the north to avoid the wall of whitewater mowing guys down from the west,” remembers Kohl Christensen. “The first wave went by with a surfer, but the second one broke wider and caught everyone sitting further outside. As we scratched up the wave sideways, whitewater parading down the point, I looked down toward Pūpūkea and could see the stretch of the wave and that magic bend. Something inside said ‘Go.’” Meet Our Ambassadors
Los Plástico by Léa Brassy
Five hundred miles off the Chilean coast, there’s a small island surrounded by thriving seas and powerful surf. Léa Brassy, Ramón Navarro and Kohl Christensen traveled there to ride waves, but soon found that the island had much more than surf to offer. Between sessions, they spent their time learning how its residents are protecting their wild waters and fisheries—and why, on Isla Alejandro Selkirk, the word for outsiders is “plásticos.” Read the Story
Paige play icon
A film about breaking barriers in big wave surfing.
Paige Alms grew up just a few miles from one of the best big waves on the planet. But it’s her extraordinary passion, dedication and work ethic that have helped her break down barriers and set a new standard for women’s big wave surfing. This spring, she joined a tour to our stores and surf shops for the premiere of the new film Paige—a look at what drives her, what inspires her and how she turns fear into fuel when the surf gets huge.
The oil industry has always been more concerned about its own profits than the damage it does to our oceans. We’ve been supporting Surfrider Foundation in their work to stop new offshore drilling here in the United States, but it’s not just a US issue. Our friends in Australia are among the many surfers and activists standing up to Big Oil around the world, as a company called Equinor tries to turn the Great Australian Bight into an oil field. Read the Story
Protect Your Peaks
We’ve seen good things happen when communities come together to protect what they love. So we launched the Protect Your Peaks campaign to connect surfers with environmental action at their local spots. Greg Long joined in too, touring to Patagonia stores on both coasts to share stories about his own journey to activism. Greg helped remind us that we need to defend the future of our waves—because if we don’t do it, nobody will. Act Now
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