Keep the Tongass Roadless

The Trump administration wants more logging and development in the Tongass National Forest, one of the wildest places we have left and a key tool for fighting climate change. Submit a comment to the US Forest Service to keep the Tongass roadless.

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Stop Neighborhood Oil Drilling

The majority of L.A.’s industrial oil drilling activity takes place in communities of color and low-income communities. Environmental justice groups are at the forefront of the fight to stop neighborhood oil drilling and return power back to the community.

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Your winter. Your choice.

Powder days are worth protecting. Connect with local groups and fight the climate crisis from your own backyard. Everyone has something to contribute—let Patagonia Action Works help maximize your climate fight and match your skills with the organizations that need them the most.

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Strike for Climate Action

Youth activists are striking for the future of our planet. Find a strike below.

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Protect Your Peaks

Our oceans and coastline are in a battle against greed-driven entities that cherish their bank accounts, not the paddle out. If we don’t join the fight against Big Oil, developments and pollution, our peaks will perish. Connect with local environmental groups fighting to defend our seas.

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Protect Wild Fish

We made our new film Artifishal to help ensure a future with more fish for all of us. We are living in a time of high human population and increasing pressure on our natural resources. If we want fish for our kids, we need to take responsibility for protecting the wild fish and waters that we love.

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Save the Clean Water Act

The Environmental Protection Agency is dismantling the Clean Water Act. Streams, wetlands and other smaller bodies of water across the US will lose protection from pollution because the Trump administration is throwing out science-based definitions of what waterways are protected under the Act.

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Our public lands and waters are under threat

Responding to this administration’s attack on national monuments to further undermine our public lands and waters, a broad coalition of businesses, Native American tribes, conservation groups and concerned citizens are speaking up. Join us and raise your voice in defense of our public lands.

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Protect the Arctic Refuge and stand with the Gwich’in

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a wildlife refuge, not an oil field. Tell your representatives before it’s too late—vote to pass the Arctic Cultural and Coastal Plain Protection Act.

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