Protect Lands and Waters

Protect Lands and Waters

Conserving lands and waters is essential for maintaining biodiversity, providing habitat for endangered species and fighting climate change. Get involved and help protect the places that protect us—comment to support the Public Lands Rule.

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It’s time to bring balance to the way America’s public lands are managed. For nearly 40 years, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has prioritized resource extraction over conservation, recreation and wildlife. With accelerating climate impacts and nature loss, it’s time for the agency to give equal consideration to the protection of our lands and waters. The proposed Public Lands Rule will help shape the future of America’s public lands and communities.

The fossil fuel industry—and their allies in Congress—have come out strong in opposition to this rule. Republicans in Congress have already introduced a bill forbidding the BLM from taking any action to finalize, implement or enforce the proposed rule.

Public lands need our support now. Submit a public comment today and help put conservation back in the conversation.

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