Demand Environmental Justice

Demand Environmental Justice

For decades, frontline groups have led the fight for environmental health and justice, taking on Big Oil and polluters. We will continue to learn from, amplify and invest in these groups.

Pollution is also racial violence. Race, income, zip code—these determine if you have access to clean air and water and a healthy environment, as well as who suffers most from the climate crisis. People of color and low-income communities throughout the United States are more likely to live near polluters and are also more often impacted by heatwaves and floods intensified by climate change. In California alone, people of color make up nearly 92 percent of the 1.8 million people living within a mile of oil and gas development. Pollution from oil wells and facilities puts them at greater risk for chronic headaches, asthma and other respiratory illnesses, and cancer. But there are leaders trying to stop this and to establish a livable future as a human right. Learn more about this work and donate to environmental justice groups near you.

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