Save the Clean Water Act

The Environmental Protection Agency is dismantling the Clean Water Act. Streams, wetlands and other smaller bodies of water across the US will lose protection from pollution because the Trump administration is throwing out science-based definitions of what waterways are protected under the Act.

Act Now

In 1972, Congress passed the Clean Water Act—a monumental law that provides safeguards from pollution to waterways across the United States. In 2015, the Obama administration passed the Clean Water Rule, which used science-based definitions to clarify what waterways were protected under the Clean Water Act, giving the federal government authority to limit pollution in smaller bodies of water. The Trump administration has repealed the Obama-era regulation and is now proposing a replacement rule, dubbed the Dirty Water Rule by environmental groups. This new rule would threaten our nation’s drinking water, wildlife and recreation. Add your voice and tell the EPA to stand up for strong protections and reject the Dirty Water Rule.

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