Stop Neighborhood Drilling

Oil and gas developments across the United States are disproportionately located in low-income and minority communities. Environmental justice groups across the country are at the forefront of the fight to stop neighborhood drilling and return power back to the community.

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Over 12.6 million people live within a half mile of an oil or gas well or facility, potentially placing them in the path of toxic releases. Health impacts can result from oil and gas pollution, the creation and storage of waste, and the constant noise and light that exist around operations.

Studies show low-income communities of color face the greatest risks from climate change impacts and environmental hazards. They are most likely to live with local sources of industrial pollution concentrated in or near their neighborhoods. We cannot address the climate crisis unless we empower and protect the people most impacted by climate change and the extractive industries perpetuating it.

Support grassroots groups across the US who are working to end neighborhood drilling and keep Big Oil at a safe distance from homes, schools, hospitals and other sensitive land uses.

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