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How do donations work for fiscally sponsored organizations?

  • If you have a fiscal sponsor, disbursement of donated funds will be sent to their mailing address or deposited directly into their account. The funds will be designated to your organization.
  • Fiscal sponsors can see the breakdown of what funds have been designated to a particular organization by accessing the free nonprofit dashboard provided by Network for Good, here.
  • Your fiscal sponsor can see donation details by clicking the “Export Full Data” link on the right-hand side of the donor dashboard.
  • Please note, your fiscal sponsor will be responsible for tracking donations made to their EIN and designated for your organization. We recommend reaching out to your fiscal sponsor to confirm the process for re-disbursal of funds designated to your organization through Network for Good.
  • If you or your fiscal sponsor would prefer to not have your organization be eligible to receive donations through Patagonia Action Works, please let us know, so that we can remove the donation button from your profile page.