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How does Social Amplification work?

  • This tool can help you promote events, petitions, campaign initiatives, or increase your presence on social media.
  • Fill out the form and our team will review your request within 3-5 business days. We will send a final preview of the custom social media ad for your approval, or we will reach out to the email address you provided with any questions.
Dashboard - Social Amplification
  1. You can find this tool on the homepage of your dashboard.

What happens after you submit your request?

  • Prior to publishing, a preview of the custom social media ad will be sent to the email address provided on the submission form.
  • Ads will not appear in Patagonia’s social media feeds, but they will be targeted to reach the appropriate audience and tailored to suit your communication goals.
  • Submit your requests through our “Expand Your Digital Reach” tool on your dashboard. You can also request to have your events and petitions amplified from those tools.
  • If you have questions about your social amplification request, email amplify@patagonia.com


What social channels are you using for amplifications?

  • We are currently running ads on Snapchat, Reddit and Nextdoor and testing placements on new channels—so your calls to action continue to reach the largest and most relevant digital audience.
  • Our ongoing participation in the Stop Hate for Profit boycott of Meta remains in place at this time, and we have paused running ads on Twitter until Patagonia’s concerns are addressed.


What if my organization doesn’t typically use that social channel?

  • Even if your organization does not use or have a following on a particular social channel, ads can still help connect you with new potential supporters and drive traffic to the landing page of your choice.
  • To help you monitor your success, we’ll send monthly wrap reports in which you can see how your amplifications performed.