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How do I personalize my profile?

  • Upload a photo that highlights the work you do.
Onboarding - Add Custom Photos
  1. Onboarding allows you to upload a custom header and logo to personalize your profile. You can always edit or remove these photos in your dashboard.

  • This image will be associated with your profile page, events and actions.
  • You can also add your organization’s logo.
  • Header images must be a hi-res JPG. Must be 1000px wide minimum. Must not exceed 2MB. Landscape photos will work best. The image will be cropped.
  • Logos must not exceed 500KB. Square or circular lockups will work best. JPG or PNG.
  • If you do not have a high-quality photo, you can choose one of ours as a placeholder.


Onboarding - Placeholder Images
  1. We provide a set of placeholder images for you to use in place of custom imagery.