Adam Colton

Adam Colton is a monster roaming this land, riding the wave of life and hopefully inspiring people along the way. A skater, skateboard filmmaker, human-powered traveler, time-lapse photographer and crazy person, Adam makes a living being himself and doing what he loves.

SUP the Danube

If you were to ask me what I did on the Danube River during my 21-day solo paddle from Ingolstadt, Germany to Belgrade, Serbia, my answer is simple. I fought crime, outran bad guys in speedboats with machine guns, almost died a few times from river monsters and 20-foot waves … oh yeah, it was…

Adam Colton
5 min Read
A Solo Journey Skateboarding Through Tibet

My name is Adam Richard Colton and on August 30th, 2012 I set out on a solo self-supported journey to see what the outskirts of Tibet had to offer. I did not speak any Mandarin, I did not speak Tibetan but I am an expert at facial expressions and hand signals. Below is a bit…

Adam Colton
12 min Read
Long Treks on Skate Decks Morocco: Episode 4 – The Lost Peak

Back in July, we shared the trailer for a unique video series our friends at Loaded Boards were working on: three guys skateboarding 2000 kilometers across Morocco. They’re four episodes into the series now and it’s time to get you caught up (we’ve been sharing them regularly on our Facebook page). Here’s Adam Colton, co-founder of…

Adam Colton
2 min Read
Patagonia Time-Lapse Video

Notice in the video the subtle movement, the wind toppling the foreground.  Imagine the scene you see but in the broader spectrum of the whole surroundings. Editor’s note: Last week we shared the trailer for Long Treks on Skate Decks' new video series from Morocco. Adam Colton is one of the skaters from the series;…

Adam Colton
4 min Read
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