Adam Fetcher

Adam Fetcher is a Board Member of the Boundary Waters Trust, an adviser and speechwriter for Patagonia and an independent communications consultant. He lives in Minneapolis.

The Boundary Waters Works for Everyone

Last week, federal agencies responsible for stewardship of America’s public lands did the right thing: they took a hard look at science and public opinion and made a sober decision to protect Minnesota’s iconic Boundary Waters from a sulfide-ore copper mining project by denying the renewal of two mineral leases. The proposed mining location is…

Adam Fetcher
5 min Read
Why Minnesota Can’t Afford Mining Near the Boundary Waters

Patagonia has supported the work of Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness and the Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters through grant funding, our employee environmental internship program, retail store events, product donations and an invitation to attend the 2015 Tools for Grassroots Activists Conference. You can read our past coverage on The Cleanest Line here and here. To learn…

Adam Fetcher
7 min Read
Pitch Simply: An interview with Major League Baseball player Daniel Norris

I first met Daniel Norris on Twitter, after Google News Alert led me to read a story in the Toronto Observer in which Daniel, then a top Blue Jays pitching prospect, cited Patagonia as a major inspiration. I was confused: baseball is not exactly our typical focus as a company. Yet after learning more about…

Adam Fetcher
14 min Read
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