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Charge It with Sugar Batteries

Charge It with Sugar Batteries

Mar 26, 2007 March 26, 2007

BattsThough it’s not the first battery to run on sugar, researchers at St. Louis University have developed a more efficient version that could last three to four times longer than conventional lithium ion batteries — a boon for personal electronic devices. The icing on the cake: these new batteries are built completely from biodegradable materials. Let’s hope for a rechargeable version so we don’t have to test the biodegradability until absolutely necessary.

Coincidentally, the key part of the battery, a charge-stripping enzyme, is incorporated into a membrane that’s made from chitosan — the same compound that makes up Patagonia’s Gladiodor natural odor control in our Capilene Baselayers.

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[Via Google News and LiveScience; Photo: Batteries awaiting recycling. By: Free]

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