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California No Drive Day This Sunday

California No Drive Day This Sunday

Apr 23, 2007 April 23, 2007

Ca_no_drive_dayNora Gallagher, our Environmental Editor, just sent word about a simple day of action we can all participate in this Sunday, not just Californians. The embedded video will also appear on Current TV.

A few months ago, I was talking to my friend Judy in Carpinteria, CA about how bad global warming really is. Why didn’t someone do something about it? And the next thing I knew, Judy and her daughter Grace and a few other people had put together California No Drive Day.

"California No Drive Day on April 29, 2007. Give yourself and the planet a breather — be incredibly creative in how you get somewhere that day or be incredibly lazy and go nowhere." 

Please, if you live in California, don’t drive on April 29, 2007.
That’s a Sunday. Take a rest.

Nora Gallagher
Patagonia Environmental Editor

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