Spring has more than sprung

Spring has more than sprung

Apr 10, 2008 April 10, 2008

Spring Spring has finally arrived to the high desert of the Great Basin.

These soft, tender shoots were spotted just outside our Distribution Center here in Reno. It’s not easy to assemble the right words to describe what’s at work here. But what makes these shoots noteworthy is where they were found growing.

Here’s hoping these buds spark some of same fascination and appreciation for you.

Welcome to spring, friends.

Hit the jump to find out where these little buggers are coming up.


The material around the buds is tarmac, with a footbridge spanning the Truckee River in the background.

   Willow growth along the Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway, at the foot of the Carson Range.

  For understandable reasons, these shoots will probably be terminated and the bikeway re-paved. Still, perseverance and endurance as natural as this deserves its own honor. Hats off to the quiet powers that endure despite our feeble gestures toward "permanence."

[Ed note: Myromantic side wants to marinate in the juices of this mystery a littlelonger. But the inquisitive side of me is dying to know exactly howsomething so small, soft, and supple can lift, crack, and break through pavement. If someone has an explanation of theforces at work behind this phenomenon, please do post your insightbelow.  kindly, lc   Photos: localcrew]