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2nd-Annual Patagonia Retail Cycling Challenge Begins!

2nd-Annual Patagonia Retail Cycling Challenge Begins!

By Patagonia   |   May 12, 2008 May 12, 2008


Patagonia employees can be a competitive lot, particularly when it comes to scoring bragging rights. Throw some nifty schwag into the mix and you’ve got the makin’s of a serious throw-down. This update comes courtesy of Nick March, in Patagonia’s Dealer Services department. Nick’s a dedicated bike commuter and Chief Number cruncher for Patagonia’s Bike to Work Week Cycling Challenge. Check out Nick’s report below, and click here to read about last year’s hotly contested race. Stay tuned to see which store earns the right to claim the most pedal pushin’ miles this week.

Welcome back to this year’s Retail Challenge! The retail stores are back this year to compete for store pride and a sweet new Cruiser. The criterion for this year’s Challenge is a little different than last. Rather than being measured by the average amount of participants the stores are trying to rack up as many miles as possible from May 10th – May 18th using only human-powered transportation. These miles include the round trip between home and work by each employee. The store with the most miles at the end of the week takes home a shiny new cruiser, compliments of New Belgium Brewery.

The weekend results are tallied and it looks like we have a great turnout so far in the retail sector. Westport is leading the pack with 213 miles followed closely by Palo Alto with 201.2. It’s been an epic journey for many in the Midwest and east coast, battling intense thunderstorms but still staying dedicated to the human-powered transportation!  It looks like its going to be another tight race this year and there’s plenty of time to rack up the mileage.  Stay tuned to find out how your local store is performing!

List of Stores and their average number of participating cyclists

  • Westport               3.5
  • Palo Alto               7.5
  • Portland                6.5
  • Santa Monica         6.5
  • Reno Outlet           6.5
  • San Francisco         6.5
  • Boston                  8.5
  • Pasadena               6
  • Freeport Outlet       2
  • Seattle                  4
  • Soho                     10
  • Boulder                  7.5
  • St. Paul                  5
  • GPIW                     4
  • Denver                   2
  • Salt Lake Outlet      4.5
  • Washington DC        5
  • Upper Westside       3.5
  • Atlanta                   2
  • Cardiff                   1.5
  • Santa Cruz             1.5
  • Dillon                    5.5
  • National Average    4.98

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