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Recap of the One Track Mind Premiere at Patagonia Cardiff

Recap of the One Track Mind Premiere at Patagonia Cardiff

Oct 17, 2008 October 17, 2008

We’ve had something of a one track mind this week on TCL — it’s hard not to when Chris Malloy releases a new film. So it’s only appropriate that we head into the weekend with a recap of the world premiere of One Track Mind. Devon Howard, store manager of Patagonia’s Cardiff Surf Shop, brings the good word and video:

Since opening the Cardiff surf shop in May of 2006 we’ve had an incredible run of great “happenings” at our store. Customers tell us all the time that the Patagonia Cardiff store has become San Diego County’s cultural hub for surfing. But honestly, we can’t take credit for all of its success. These events wouldn’t have been possible if not for the enthusiastic participation of our customers and many friends in the greater surf community. Thanks to great icons of performance surfing — and its culture — like the Campbell Brothers, Gerry Lopez, Jock Sutherland, Dan, Keith and Chris Malloy, Chris del Moro, Andrew Kidman, Richard Kenvin, Nat Young, Tom Wegener, and so many others, we’ve been to be able to give something really unique and special to the local community.

Most recently, Patagonia Cardiff celebrated its largest turnout ever for the World Premiere of Chris Malloy’s new film One Track Mind. On September 27, over950 people attended the back-to-back screenings at our Cardiff surf shop. The line to get in stretched almost a block and a half upChesterfield. We actually had to turn away people to the second show, or standing room only in the ally.

As folks were getting seated for both shows, local jazz duo The Mattson Two. ripped through a fantastic 20-minute set, adding a great vibe and buzz for the evening. You will see more of these musical phenoms when Thomas Campbell tours his new film The Present next spring throughout the U.S.

Kicking off the show, we had special guests from Surfers For Cetaceans(S4C) Justin Krumb and Chris delMoro (S4C’s U.S. Ambassador) share with our audience the troubling plight of whales and dolphins. S4C was started by pro surfer DavidRastovich. To spread the word on combating this issue, “Rasta” is working with Krumb on a film called Minds in the Water. See the visual petition and some video on the project at We hope to work with Krumb next Spring to show the world premiere of this film.Video courtesy of Crystal Thornburg, Surfers For Cetaceans and Jack Johnson.

Surfing Magazine donated four beautiful 16″x 20″ framed prints shot by DJ Struntz from the Micronesia trip in OneTrack Mind, as well as some T-shirts to raffle off.

The audience reportedly enjoyed the film trailers for Thomas Campbell’sThe Present, Displacement by Alex Kopps, andChris Malloy’s next film 180° South. However, it was the evening’s feature presentation — One Track Mind — that received the most hoots and hollers.

Since Thicker than Water’s debut in 1999, Chris Malloy and the folks in his creative collaborative Woodshed Films have established a rep for producing timeless, quality films: September Sessions, Shelter, andA Broke down Melody, to name a few. In each successive release, Malloy’s viewers have come to expect an honest, refreshing, introspective take on surfing’s overall experience.

With an elite cast of today’s top performers captured by superb cinematography and a very tasteful soundtrack, Malloy’s new film didn’t disappoint. For those familiar with his work, OTM is a slight departure from the signature vibe of his previous films. Instead of a series of soulful, cerebral retreats to surfing’s unfettered backwoods, Malloy dives smack dab into the lives of the best surfers the world has ever seen, puts the camera on them and asks some tough questions. ThroughoutOTM, he “explores the common thread that drives the most influential surfers from three generations to push wave riding to new dimensions.”Of course, there is also no shortage of shredding to accompany the interviews. For more insight on the film, see the interview and added video clips on the recent Surfline article.

If you are living outside of San Diego county but would like to receive emails about our upcoming Cardiff surf shop events, please or give us a call at (760) 634-9886. I look forward to seeing you at our next gathering.

– Devon Howard, Patagonia Cardiff Store Manager

Have a great weekend everybody. Hope you were able to watch the online screening of One Track Mind. There may still be some time left…

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