The Cleanest Line


Above: Cold conditions during a summit attempt on Cerro Catedral, in Torres Del Paine, Chile. All photos courtesy of Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll

Of Rats and Men

By Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll   |   Jun 19, 2013 June 19, 2013

If you are chained to a wall in a dark dungeon famished rats will slowly nibble at your flesh. You can kick, scream and quiver all you want but the rats will sluggishly keep nipping away until they reach your heart and your body goes lifeless. Then they keep… Read More

The Art of the Resole

The Art of the Resole

By iFixit   |   Jun 6, 2013 June 6, 2013

Mark Sensenbach perches on a stool, back slightly hunched, eyes down, brows narrowed in concentration. His hands, toughened by mountains and work, maneuver the rubber sole of a climbing shoe against a sanding wheel. His movements made smooth by practice, Mark runs the shoe back and forth, rotates and… Read More

Above: David Griffith heads up the final 20-foot roof pitch of Wet Denim Daydream, Leaning Tower, Yosemite California. Photo: Marta

Throw the Line

By Marta Czajkowska   |   May 30, 2013 May 30, 2013

Any wall climber will see that something is missing in that photo, trail line. The leader trails a small line so they can pull up a haul line to haul the bag. Right where the photo was taken, at the lip of the roof, Dgriff realized that he’d forgotten… Read More

Above: Hayden descends Ogre I after making the third ascent of the mountain with Kyle Dempster. Karakorum Range, Pakistan. Photo: Kyle Dempster

Piolets d’Or 2013

By Hayden Kennedy   |   May 10, 2013 May 10, 2013

“Some declared it the climb of the century. But did anyone repeat GIV to confirm our illusion of it? Besides, does it make sense to declare a poem the poem of the century? Can you choose a woman of the century?” – Voytek Kurtyka writing about the Shining Wall… Read More

Master of Stone: Layton Herman Kor

Master of Stone: Layton Herman Kor

May 8, 2013 May 8, 2013

June 11, 1938–April 21, 2013 By Cameron M. Burns One of the greatest American climbers of the late 1950s and ’60s, Layton Herman Kor, died April 21 after a long battle with kidney problems and cancer. The son of a Dutch mason (Jacob Kor) who came to the U.S. Read More

Above: Frame grab from Making Tommy. Hit the jump to watch the video.

Making Tommy

By Kelly Cordes   |   Mar 7, 2013 March 7, 2013

Do you ever wonder how the greats became great? Of course there’s no easy answer, no definitive answer, never a formula – they’re human, and human factors interact in infinite ways. Opportunity, natural talent, innate drive, developed drive, mental toughness, perspective, thought processes, influences, dedication, work ethic and who-knows-what-else,… Read More