The Cleanest Line
Cassidy Randall

Cassidy Randall

Cassidy Randall splits her time between storytelling, moonlighting as a gypsy in foreign lands and saving the world from toxic chemicals as marketing director for Made Safe. She writes about badass women quietly and not so quietly taking over adventure sports, beautiful places and what it takes to get to them, as well as mission fail, mediocrity and all the hard things social media glosses over about outdoor adventures.


Baring our souls to each other in single file conversations. Photo: Colleen Gentemann

How to Disconnect for Deeper Connection

Nov 30, 2017 November 30, 2017

“Disconnect to connect,” Leah Evans says to us, 13 total strangers standing in a circle at a remote trailhead in British Columbia’s Purcell Mountains. We’re about to embark on the inaugural Airplane Mode Camp led by Evans and her dream team of experts: Madeleine… Read More