The Cleanest Line
Chris Shalbot

Chris Shalbot

Seattle-born, Cascade-raised and possibly the world’s worst surfer, Chris Shalbot prefers a quiet, stormy pow day to being in the ocean. A former downhill bike racer, he ditched the competitive ranks in favor of exploring what’s around the next bend.


Chris Shalbot races the weather above Big Hole Pass as foreboding clouds gather in the distance. Photo: Scott Rinckenberger

The Fun/Suffer Divide

Mar 20, 2018 March 20, 2018

The Continental Divide Trail is not often traveled, and rarely by bike. The sheer remoteness makes access tricky. With this in mind, Scott Rinckenberger, Justin Olsen and I set out for 11 days on our bikes, pedaling northeast from Chief Joseph Pass. We wanted to shed some light on this… Read More