The Cleanest Line
Floran Tomei

Floran Tomei

Floran Tomei is a skier, freelance editor and dabbler in alpinism. Born and bred in Chamonix, France, he is active in local initiatives to protect the fragile environment he calls home. Floran likes to write, grow vegetables, ski slushy moguls, nap in fields and cook on campfires.


The Charpoua Hut, a minimalist hideaway in the heart of a granite sanctuary. Photo: Pierre Cadot

Charpoua, Mon Amour

Jan 25, 2018 January 25, 2018

Sarah Cartier, the valiant captain of one of the most emblematic refuges on the Alps, unveils life in her little corner of paradise 2,481m above sea level. Being the start and end point of all great alpine adventures, the refuges are one of the strongest emblems of mountain culture. A… Read More