The Cleanest Line
Garrett Grove

Garrett Grove

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Grove is one of the only photographers in the world without an Instagram account. Instead, find his work everywhere from skate magazines to The New Yorker. He stays rooted in capturing snowy  mountains like any true Washingtonian should. Grove took the photos in support of Treeline.


Honored by Grove, Manley and Oliver as “the Old Friend,” this 8- to 10-foot bristlecone stands ragged without the protection of other trees nearby, most of its roots above  ground. Photo: Garrett Grove

Treeline: Trespassing

Feb 6, 2019 February 6, 2019

When we move through the forest in winter, we’re often left wonderstruck by snow-shrouded trees bent and morphed from years of wear in silent solitude. Their depth of character becomes evident as we weave ourselves into their lives and ecosystems. But we often tell our stories and not theirs. Our… Read More