The Cleanest Line
Jane Jackson

Jane Jackson

Though hailing from wide-open Wyoming, Jane Jackson has developed a deep and complicated love for Yosemite Valley over the past few years. She has spent seasons in Yosemite volunteering as a Climber Steward and as a member of YOSAR. Nowadays, she spends most of her time outside of the Big Ditch, returning seasonally to be humbled by its granite walls.


The volunteer team, made up of climbing rangers, Climber Stewards and volunteers, look at the massive pile of trash amassed from one of the many caches atop El Capitan. Photo: Eric Bissell

Cache vs. Trash

Sep 25, 2019 September 25, 2019

On an incredibly clear, early autumn morning, the aging Yosemite Search and Rescue (YOSAR) van bumped along Tioga Pass Road, taking precariously tight turns at an alarming speed. Twelve of us were crammed in the back, chattering and bracing ourselves against the van’s interior walls. When the road was no… Read More