The Cleanest Line
Jenn Shelton

Jenn Shelton

Though known as a trail ultrarunner, Jenn likes to take the sense of adventure she draws from ultrarunning and apply it to all running — from big mountains to road races. She loves to push her body, finding beauty in the experience of picking up the pace. She currently lives in a poorly insulated house with piles of old running shoes.


I found an old index card in my Sierra High Route book that read: Dobbiamo credere nei miracoli prima di osare chiederne uno, an Italian phrase meaning, “We must first believe in miracles before having the audacity to ask for one.” Photo: Ken Etzel


Sep 6, 2019 September 6, 2019

*Fastest Fish Fourteener Known Time I picked it up on a whim at the ranger station in Bishop 2012. I was there finagling a permit that would look more or less legal for my attempt to break the men’s speed record across the John Muir Trail starting the next day. Read More