The Cleanest Line
Josh Wharton

Josh Wharton

Although Josh loves all aspects of the sport, his primary passion is alpine climbing. He’s particularly proud of the climbs that require special effort from himself and his partners—be it a willingness to take big risks, train hard, or make some major sacrifice in life. He hopes to continue chasing climbing dreams that inspire him, from 10-foot boulders to 10,000-foot alpine routes.


Photo: Chris Alstrin


Feb 7, 2017 February 7, 2017

Wind pushed a wave of fine snow off the top of the wall, coating the already frosted rock in another slippery layer of spindrift. I put my head down to let it pass, looking at my fingers covered in blood and snow, and wedged into icy finger locks. Objectively, I… Read More

Photo: Mikey Schaefer

Who’s Nick?

Oct 28, 2016 October 28, 2016

I took a hex off the rack and pushed it far into the crack. The rime was thick, and the crack’s edges blurry. The hex mushed into the rime and stuck. I beat on it with my ice axe just to be sure, then gave it a swift tug. It… Read More

Latok I and II, showing the infamous North Ridge outlined by the sun-shade line dropping from Latok I’s west summit. The lines show possible routes of ascent. The lower 500 meters is blocked from view by a smaller peak in the foreground (outlined in black for clarity). From the final bivouac (marked by a small white triangle), we will traverse easy snow slopes along the South Face to the summit, before reversing our path of ascent.

Latok Northwest Face

Aug 13, 2012 August 13, 2012

The incredible northern aspect of Latok I (~7200 meters) needs no introduction as one of the world’s greatest unclimbed mountain escarpments. Since the historic first attempt by an American team in 1978 (still holders of the current highpoint), the peak has seen more then 30 unsuccessful expeditions. Although it has… Read More