The Cleanest Line
Kennan Harvey

Kennan Harvey

Kennan Harvey made his first photo submission to Patagonia in 1991. After several decades of rock climbing first ascents, extended ski traverses and whitewater descents, he now lives off-the-grid with his wife and daughter in a self-built, solar-powered home in the foothills of Colorado’s San Juan Mountains. “As the revolving seasons etch deeper lines in my face, I begin to better understand the importance of simplicity and craftsmanship,” he reflects. Parenthood is thus far his most fulfilling expedition.


Photo: Kennan Harvey

Mountain Fristers

Nov 5, 2019 November 5, 2019

A group of four skiers moves methodically across the snow-covered Wapta Icefield in single file connected by a thread-like rope—mothers on each end, Cheryl and Nan, and their two daughters, Roan and Sailor, in the middle. As Roan’s father and Cheryl’s husband, I’m here to follow and hopefully take a… Read More