The Cleanest Line
Kimi Werner

Kimi Werner

Patagonia ambassador Kimi Werner is a freediver and spearfisher who learned to dive as young girl growing up with her family on Maui. She became a national spearfishing champion before leaving the world of competition to focus on environmental activism and teaching others to harvest responsibly. Exploring underwater on her breath alone, Kimi’s travels have taken her from frigid polar seas to the threatened reefs of Polynesia.


”There’s nothing like having a sisterhood of women who love you and support you unconditionally. No matter what happens they’ll always be there, reminding me to follow my heart. It’s hard to describe how empowering it is to have such dynamic, powerful women in my life who want to lift me up into the best version of myself.” —Liz Clark. Photo: Justin Turkowski

Sea Sisters

Jun 19, 2019 June 19, 2019

The Best Times Are About Friends, Not Perfection It had been four years since Liz Clark, Léa Brassy and I first spent time together, on a sailing trip through the Tuamotus. We knew we’d found something special from the moment we… Read More