The Cleanest Line
Kyle Thiermann

Kyle Thiermann

Kyle Thiermann is a Patagonia ambassador hailing from Santa Cruz, California. As an on-camera correspondent for Discovery Digital Networks, Kyle covered important issues ranging from a little-known indigenous conflict in Southern Chile, to the impact wild pigs have on Hawai‘i’s coral reefs. He speaks at universities throughout the country and gave a TEDx talk in his wetsuit. Kyle’s surfing and journalistic successes have earned him Surfrider’s Pro Surfer Environmental Achievement Award, the Brower Youth Award, the American Clean Skies Film Award and the Peter Benchley Blue Vision Award.


Kyle Thiermann and Greg Long load up pieces of boat wreckage at Isla De Todos Santos. Baja California, Mexico. Photo: Nikki Brooks

Fiberglass Forearms

Feb 15, 2018 February 15, 2018

Besides a lighthouse, a dirt trail and a few small structures, Isla De Todos Santos is almost completely undeveloped. The only permanent resident is the lighthouse keeper, who greeted us in Spanish as we approached after stepping ashore on a bright October morning. Those who choose to live in… Read More