The Cleanest Line
Laura Yale

Laura Yale

Laura Yale is a Colorado-based freelance film producer and writer. She produced Patagonia’s films Treeline and Jumbo Wild, and is infinitely curious about stories of landscapes and the people most closely connected to them. She admits to making major life decisions based upon which places have the best trees to ski through.


The best ones aren't huggable--or so says Deb MacKillop. “As a forester, it’s handy to know the length of your limbs,” she says. “They make great measuring tools.” Leah Evans gives some love and follows Deb's example while skiing among the red cedars of interior BC. Photo: Garrett Grove

Treeline: A Story Written in Rings

Nov 29, 2018 November 29, 2018

Quietly, patiently, trees endure. They are the oldest living beings we come to know during our time on earth, living bridges into our planet’s expansive past. Treeline is a film celebrating the forests on which our species has always depended—and around which some skiers and snowboarders etch their entire lives. Read More