The Cleanest Line
Leah Evans

Leah Evans

When Patagonia skiing ambassador Evans isn’t crushing backyard pillows, directing her series of women’s freeskiing camps or making snacks for friends on the skin track, she can be found on the dance floor or admiring local trees.


Leah Evans approaching a cedar “mother tree” at the bottom of the Womb, a slide path off Mount Macpherson near Revelstoke, British Columbia. Forest ecologist Suzanne Simard has helped us understand that mother trees send nutrients to the surrounding forest, increasing the resilience of an entire network of trees. Photo: Garrett Grove

Treeline: Homegrown

Jan 31, 2019 January 31, 2019

When we move through the forest in winter, we’re often left wonderstruck by snow-shrouded trees bent and morphed from years of wear in silent solitude. Their depth of character becomes evident as we weave ourselves into their lives and ecosystems. But we often tell our stories and not theirs. Our… Read More