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Luke Mehall

Luke Mehall

Luke Mehall is the publisher of The Climbing Zine, “America’s Creative Climbing Publication,” and the author of three books: The Great American Dirtbags, Climbing Out of Bed and Graduating from College Me, A Dirtbag Climber Grows Up. He has been published in AlpinistRock and Ice and Climbing, and has appeared on the Enormocast and Dirtbag Diaries podcasts. He lives in Durango, Colorado.


Photo: Greg Cairns


May 24, 2017 May 24, 2017

As I write these words, the future of this place we humans now call Indian Creek is up in the balance. In December of 2016, President Obama designated Bears Ears—in which Indian Creek is located—a national monument under the Antiquities Act. But lawmakers are pushing to rescind this designation in… Read More

Above: The author (left) and Dave Ahrens atop El Cap Spire on the Salathe Wall. The number 6 camalot hanging off the author's harness came in handy many times. Climbing and Facelift photos by Luke Mehall

The Underwear Story Part 2, Dreams Coming True

Aug 13, 2013 August 13, 2013

When a dream is achieved a new level of consciousness can be entered. During a road trip last year, full of California dreaming, I achieved two personal dreams: climbing El Capitan in Yosemite, and becoming an underwear model for Patagonia. Both dreams were mere sparks at first. Any climber… Read More

Above: The author sent us this photo from his modeling portfolio. Color us impressed. Joshua Tree, California. Photo: Dave Marcinowski

The Underwear Story

Jan 25, 2012 January 25, 2012

My dream job would be being an underwear model. A friend helped me figure this out one day after I’d just purchased some new undies, and we were looking at the models on the packaging. “What a job that would be, wearing underwear for a living,” I said. “You… Read More