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Lydia Zamorano

Lydia Zamorano

Lydia Zamorano is a dedicated and joyous yogi from Alberta, Canada. She has been sharing yoga for the past 12 years and has over 1,200 hours of advanced teacher training. After co-owning a studio for four years, she now puts her energy into organizing workshops and retreats. Lydia and her husband, Sonnie, recently welcomed their first child into the world.


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[Above: Mid-back (rhomboid) release. All photos Lydia Zamorano Collection]

My New Travel Companion

Jun 20, 2014 June 20, 2014

I’ve found my favorite yoga and bodywork prop. Not only is it made of wood, but it’s perfectly portable, fits into the side of any backpack or duffel bag, and takes up next to no space in a van. It works kind of like other massage canes would (but it’s not… Read More

Above: Morning meditation in Bishop, California. Photo: Andrew Burr

Van Yoga

Feb 28, 2012 February 28, 2012

13 tips for on-the-road yoga when it’s too cold to practice outdoors: 1. Have at least a 6 by 3 foot level floor, and a nice traveling companion who doesn’t mind making space for your swinging limbs. 2. The more height the better. A fiberglass… Read More

Meditating. Lydia in Baddha Padmasana on a granite boulder by the Stawamus River. Photo: Sonnie Trotter

On Yoga

Jul 30, 2009 July 30, 2009

I don’t know when it started for me, but somehow, over the last ten years, yoga as a practice has melted into everything I do, as a continuous flow. My favorite translation of the Sanskrit word Yoga implies that everything is already united. The practice part is learning how… Read More