The Cleanest Line
Majka Burhardt

Majka Burhardt

Majka Burhardt is a full-time climber, part-time guide, and founder and director of Legado where she works to protect the world’s most threatened mountain ecosystems and empower the people who call them home. She lives in Jackson, New Hampshire with her husband, Peter Doucette and their (now) 13-month-old twins. Majka is an AMGA Certified Rock Guide and former two-term member of the AMGA Board.


Photo: Peter Doucette

And Then There Were Two

Jul 25, 2017 July 25, 2017

Dear Kaz and Irenna, Today you are 10-months old. This week, the last of winter’s snow left our garden, and the final crocus patch bloomed and closed just in time to escape your attempts to eat its purple petals. I spent our first winter together pulling you behind me in… Read More

Above: The basalt columns of Armenia. Photo: Gabe Rogel

Armenia Bound

Oct 19, 2012 October 19, 2012

Any climbing trip starts with a conversation. Kate and mine went something like this. Kate: “What’s your fall look like?” Majka: “October’s wide open.” Both of us: “Want to go somewhere good?” We considered Norway but were scared off by the rain; Germany was a strong contender… Read More