The Cleanest Line
Marta Czajkowska

Marta Czajkowska

Marta Czajkowska is a freelance photographer, graphic designer, aerial silks teacher and climbing guide from Warsaw, Poland. Her award-winning documentary on Uncle Nappy Napoleon, I Just Love to Paddle, has been shown in film festivals around the world.



Above: David Griffith heads up the final 20-foot roof pitch of Wet Denim Daydream, Leaning Tower, Yosemite California. Photo: Marta

Throw the Line

May 30, 2013 May 30, 2013

Any wall climber will see that something is missing in that photo, trail line. The leader trails a small line so they can pull up a haul line to haul the bag. Right where the photo was taken, at the lip of the roof, Dgriff realized that he’d forgotten… Read More