The Cleanest Line

Matt Stoecker and Travis Rummel

Matt Stoecker is the owner of Stoecker Ecological, the director of Beyond Searsville Dam and a Producer/Underwater Photographer for DamNation.


Travis Rummel is the co-owner of Felt Soul Media and a Director/Producer for DamNation.


Above: Old growth forests and the confluence of Kosina Creek and the Susitna River would be submerged under the reservoir created by the proposed dam. Photo: Matt Stoecker

DamNation – Susitna: Alaska’s Mega Dam(n) Proposal

Oct 23, 2013 October 23, 2013

The Susitna is a huge glacial river that drains the indomitable Alaska Range. Denali looms on the horizon. One of America’s last great, wild, undammed rivers, it is home to large numbers of king, sockeye, pink, coho and chum salmon, which push through its heavy currents to spawn in… Read More