The Cleanest Line
Michael A. Estrada

Michael A. Estrada

Michael (he/him/his) is a photographer, writer, and founder of Brown Environmentalist: a platform amplifying the stories and leadership of people of color in the environment. He is a first-generation Salvadoran-American and UCLA alumnus, and has cultivated his experience in the environmental field through various positions including habitat restoration, experiential outdoor ed., and currently through creative and documentary work. An outdoor athlete and avid daydreamer, he is most passionate about people-driven stories that educate, inspire and drive change.


Photo: Michael A. Estrada

The Original Tree Huggers

Sep 4, 2018 September 4, 2018

When you hear the term “tree hugger,” what—or who—do you see? What image, or images, pop into your head? It likely starts with the vague idea of folks who are often—and perhaps overly—passionate about protecting nature. But then, if you expand it, what do they look like? Is it a… Read More