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Nathaniel Wilder

Nathaniel Wilder

Nathaniel is a full-time photographer based in Anchorage, who is constantly polishing his storytelling aptitude around the great state of Alaska. He has been drawn to the Arctic since his first wilderness expedition there, six and a half years ago. Nathaniel’s photography work takes him back year after year: to an Iñupiat whaling village on the Chukchi Sea, for a honeymoon traverse through the Gates of the Arctic, to a village of Gwich’in caribou hunters on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge’s southern edge, and for a coastal trek between arctic whaling villages.


Photo: Nathaniel Wilder

When I First Fell for the Arctic

Jan 18, 2017 January 18, 2017

On a bouncy flight north over an eastern section of the Brooks Range, I press my cheek against the glass to get a better view down to the teeming mass of caribou moving through the valley directly beneath the plane. It’s a hot day just after the summer solstice. Slowly… Read More