The Cleanest Line
Ryan Peterson

Ryan Peterson

Ryan Peterson lives in Anchorage, Alaska. He has been a staffer in Juneau; a fly fishing guide in Bristol Bay and Kamchatka, Russia; and a writer and filmmaker covering conservation stories around the North Pacific Rim. The irony of evolving from catch-and-release fly fishing with barbless hooks to killing as many salmon as he can with a net is not lost on him.


Mike Wood is the co-founder of Su Salmon Co. and the volunteer president of the Susitna River Coalition. Photo: Travis Rummel

Net to Table: Su Salmon Co.

Mar 13, 2018 March 13, 2018

Mike Wood’s last name is a wholly appropriate coincidence of birth. He’s got a fetish for the stuff. When building his off-the-grid log home masterpiece on the banks of Alaska’s Susitna River, he’d range out into the surrounding boreal forest, select each perfect tree, hug it at the chest in… Read More

Photo courtesy of Susitna River Coalition

The Super Salmon

Dec 20, 2016 December 20, 2016

It is with great pride and excitement that we are sharing The Super Salmon with the world—a little movie about the Su and the spotlight it’s been in these last few years. From the first screening in Talkeetna a year ago, to the dozens more that have… Read More

One in Winter – Fly Fishing for Winter-Run Steelhead

One in Winter – Fly Fishing for Winter-Run Steelhead

Mar 21, 2012 March 21, 2012

We understand mere fragments – of most things really, but especially of a fish called steelhead. Its nominal definition goes that it’s a rainbow trout that migrates from river to ocean and back again to spawn, like a salmon. But like most living things, after you dedicate time to… Read More