The Cleanest Line
Shaaron Netherton

Shaaron Netherton

Shaaron Netherton has had a passion for Nevada’s wild places since she moved to the state in 1978, and she has served as executive director for Friends of Nevada Wilderness since July 2000. Her non-profit organization’s legislative efforts have led to the protection of over 3.4 million acres of wilderness.


Massacre Rim Widerness Study Area. Photo: Kurt Kuznicki

Nevada’s Darkest Treasure

Oct 22, 2018 October 22, 2018

The Massacre Rim towers 1,000 feet above Long Valley in the vast reaches of northwestern Nevada. As with most hikes in this part of the world, getting to the top requires picking out an unmarked route, being flexible and overcoming obstacles. Halfway up, after skirting yet another talus field, sharp… Read More