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Stephen Chastain

Stephen Chastain

Stephen Chastain is the research technician at the Plastics Lab for Ocean Wise. He has worked on microplastics research since early 2017 and is passionate about science communication.


Microscope image shows a closer view of microfibers tested during the study. These tiny fibers that shed from garments over their lifetime are no larger than five millimeters. Photo: Mathew Watkins

Teaming Up to Get to the Bottom of Microfiber Pollution

Feb 1, 2019 February 1, 2019

Together with industry partners, Patagonia commissioned Ocean Wise’s Plastic Lab to investigate microfibers, the tiny textile particles that shed from garments over their lifetime. The scientists at the Plastic Lab have just completed the first phase of this research project, so we asked them for an update. While plastic debris… Read More